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General Studies

General Studies

Curriculum features

The subject of General Knowledge is by nature interdisciplinary, self-encompassing, science, technology and society education.


Based on comprehensive learning and in conjunction with various teaching strategies

  • Our teachers use various strategies to guide and teach. Students learn in all domains, not limited to the classroom.
  • We arrange for students to go on various tours, depending on the learning theme.

Students will learn and retain more through such activities.

  • Through various non-regular curricula activities like competitions, exchanges, etc., we enhance students’ interest in General Knowledge, achieving a more comprehensive “whole person” education.


Develop STEM education, enhance students’ spirit of scientific exploration through related activities

  • Arrange for each student to learn STEM through activities to raise their interest in exploring science.
  • Through more hands-on STEM activities that nurture students’ curiosity.
  • Use the concept of the design cycle to make various interesting products.
  • Using coding to solve problems and help students develop computational thinking.
  • Insert STEM concepts into project-based learning, this helps students learn to self-study and solve problems.



Develop students’ thinking skills

  • Use 13 thinking strategies to stimulate students’ thinking. 
  • Help them learn various ways to solve problems.