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School bus services

School bus services

(1) Goals

  • Nurture the spirit of self-discipline among students taking the school bus
  • Ensure smooth running of school buses

(2) What we do

1.  Be in contact with “Ngan King school bus consultants” (current school bus company)

  • To provide 24 school bus service routes
  • Frequent follow ups on service feedback

2.  Appoint school bus captains

  • We have chosen 36 students to be bus captains to help maintain order on buses.

This is to encourage and nurture the service spirit among students.

  • Regular meetings with bus captains to learn more about school bus situations.

We hope to strengthen team spirit, enhance relationships, understand and support their work.

  1. Keeping order on the school bus
  • Formulated guidelines for helpers to understand their duties and what to do in case of emergencies
  • Each month, the teacher in charge will board the school bus for inspection.
  • Meet with students who broke rules when riding school bus, follow up and counsel.
  1. Our service focus in current school year:

We mainly serve students who live in Kowloon & the New Territories, covering all major housing estates.Every day, our school buses pick up students to come to and from school at designated stops.  Helpers stay on buses to take care of students throughout the journey.  Parents drop off and pick up their children at designated points.