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Lunch arrangements

At CCS, we have always emphasized healthy living.  Since our school was founded,we have provided delicious and nutritious lunches to our students so that all could enjoy home cooking at school and grow in health.

Lunch is a very important meal for every child’s growth.  In preparing lunches, we reference the “Nutritional guidelines on lunch for students” from the Health Department and design menus based on the principle of “less salt, less oil and more vegetables”. 

We have also engaged professionals to prepare meals.

Each lunch includes seasonal soup, white or red rice, porridge or noodles and fresh fruit, with a menu that changes daily over 3 months. Every Monday is Green Monday, with vegetarian dishes on offer.  Chinese food is offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while Western food is offered every Wednesday.

During the 40-minute lunch period, our staff will distribute lunches to students from P1 – P4 inside the classroom.  Teachers will lunch together with students.

For P5 and P6 students, teachers guide students to distribute lunch, with the aim to nurture self-care skills and service spirit.

Over lunch, we broadcast programs like, classical music, news, programs in English and Putonghua through the central broadcasting system.