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Life education

Through “discipline & counseling”, “morals & civics education”, “religious studies” and “learning to serve”, CCS practices education based on “5 hearts” and helps students grow in a warm, caring and loving environment.

We nurture our students to strive to always be proactive, creative, caring and thankful.

With such attributes, students carry forward the spirit of our school motto,

“Show virtues and love the Lord. Study hard and nurture benevolence”.

We are dedicated to nurture talent and educate students to contribute to our community.


Discipline & counseling group

  1. Through various regular courses, we cultivate the correct values and attitudes among students, including “perseverance”, “respect for others”, “sense of responsibility”,

“National identity”, “integrity”, “caring” and “empathy”.


  1. We started the life education courses this year. Through practice, students build the correct value system, face adversity positively, cherish life and learn to care for others.

Course contents include:

. personal growth

Through games, case studies, small group discussions and experience activities, students learn about life situations and how to deal with them positively and appropriately.

. learn through service

Students help and serve on campus, realising the spirit of mutual help and love.

. Life skills

Enhance self-care, teamwork and basic life skills. Students learn to take care of themselves and become more independent.

. National security

Through lessons and various learning activities, strengthen students’ knowledge of the rule of law and national conditions and enhance their sense of national identity.

We have chosen the following 4 areas for students to learn about:

Junior primary:         Biosecurity, technology security

Senior primary:          Internet security, ecological security


  1. We have set up the “Positive Child Passport award scheme”, through a family-school collaboration, students learn and develop the correct attitudes and excellent living habits in the following categories:



.  healthy eating and living habits

.  courtesy

.  happy to serve

.  self-learning

.  art appreciation


Moral and civics education


The goals of the moral & civics education group are to incorporate moral, civics and national education as important elements to a holistic education. Through courses, diversified activities, and related services, we nurture positive attitudes and value systems among students and let them practice respect and care for others. Activities include:

  • Participating in “Hello Lai See” and receiving the “long term service award”.
  • “CCS children welcoming National Day” and “Family school New Year fun fair” to learn about National Day celebrations and the traditional culture of Chinese New Year.
  • Hold the flag raising ceremony and “speaking under the flag” every month. Teachers from the moral & civics education group will share about national security law topics.
  • Join hands with the “Community Youth Club” to visit “nursing homes”.