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Multiple Intelligences classes

We place great emphasis on developing students’ multiple intelligences, affective learning, life skills, etc.  On days A, C and E of the lesson cycle, we have designated the afternoon lessons as “Multiple intelligences Day ACE activities” for online learning.

These classes are rich and varied, including:

  1. Subjects and languages:  drawing, stories on idioms, Chinese calligraphy, appreciation of poetry & drawings, lyrics, Chinese stories, Putonghua drama, Japan Jr B.Mat, Spanish, fun with English, prose reading, English Wonderland, English Fun,

Be a story writer.

  1. Information technology:  Coding: Hour of code, without charging, Microbit, STEM, pinyin input, Chinese character input, stop motion animation, 3D printing, YouTuber quick start.
  2. Activities:  Fun with games, kinetic games, super games, stretching exercises, dance party, jumping games, K-pop.
  3. Daily living: Earth, make your own toys, Olympic events, gardening & paper arts. Extreme animals, HK stories (history of streets), life planning, junior NLP exploration.
  4. Arts:  3D cartoons, making name cards, handicrafts, paper folding, catwalk show,

drawing, cartoon workshops, creative arts tour.

  1. Music: song & dance to praise God, classic children rhymes, singing hymns.

To cater to students’ developmental needs, we have added “Priority training activities” into the current academic year, divided students into groups based on their interests, skills development and needs. We hope to increase further exchanges and cultivate talent in various categories, including junior choir, recorder group, choral singing without accompaniment, hand chime bars, debate, drama, STEM gifted, Chinese dance, fellowship, English drama, Community youth club