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Different from other subjects, drama is like a carpenter that finely chisels wood, turning students into smooth tools. In a 6-year course, students experience their emotions firsthand, develop new thinking, self-confidence and teamwork skills. Through various themes, drama lessons help students think critically.


1. Features of the drama curriculum.

  • Drama includes elements of art, language, morals, history and culture.

The basic prototype of learning involves screenwriting, directing and acting.


2. Screenwriting, directing and acting from various angles.

  • Learn the influence of famous practitioners on drama development.
  • Fully analyze the acting and stage design.



3. Establish an excellent mode of communication.

  • Establish listening, acceptance and mutual trust in the process of forming groups.
  • Analyze issues of moral education through “drama elements”.


4. Cultivate the respect for acting among students.

  • Provide opportunities for external drama exchanges.
  • Students learn to respect happenings on and off stage.