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Curriculum planning

Music encompasses the 3 areas of listening, performance and creation.

Through various activities, we help students acquire musical knowledge and skills.

We also nurture their interests in music.


Activity classes

. Through various class activities like instrument playing in accompaniment or ensemble, body rhythmic movements and music creation etc., we nurture musical sense, singing, listening and instrument playing skills among students.


. Implement “Show and Tell time” in P2 to P6 classes.  Every student will have a chance to sing, play an instrument or talk about music in front of classmates. In the process, they enhance their self-confidence.


Basic music theory

. We teach basic music theory in P1 to P6 classes. With music worksheets, we help students reinforce what they have learnt.

. There is a written test on music theory for P4 to P6 students, assessing their knowledge.


Music topics

. We have set different topics for P1 to P6 so that students can learn more music during their holidays and enrich their experiences.

. At school, classical music is broadcast during lunchtime so that students have more opportunities to hear classical music.

. Each week, we have a “request a song” program in the afternoon to enhance the music atmosphere.

. To encourage students to attend concerts, we distribute notices of high-quality concerts.

. By setting up the “CCS musical stage”, we provide students with opportunities to perform.

. Music groups like choir, orchestra, recorder group, hand bells team, etc. allow students to perform and develop various skills.


Multi-faceted assessment

We try to assess students’ performance in various areas like performance in class, singing, playing the recorder, sense of rhythm and Show & Tell.