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Ms. Hung

Helping a child grow is like planting.  Plants need appropriate sunlight, clean air and water to grow.  It is not hard to satisfy such conditions.  But for plants to grow healthily, the key lies in the grower’s attitude and methods.  Organic farming, as compared to chemical farming, is more natural, safe, healthy and real.  Why then is it not widely practiced?


The reason is it is hard to estimate the amount of time, spiritual energy and care needed.   Furthermore, the achieved results may not be what everyone wants.


Chemical farming can produce seemingly good results quickly but leave lasting effects long term.

The essence of education is not to make commodities.  We don’t need to spend time packaging or adding chemicals to hasten a child’s growth.  At CCS, we apply the concept of “5 hearts” to provide a healthy environment for students to grow and learn joyfully.  Immersed in love and care, our students enjoy a happy, creative childhood and build up resilience to embrace future challenges.  


Real education is to lead by example, tell what is right from wrong, influence our students through respect and encouragement  so that their good nature won’t change.