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Goals & features



Upholding the spirit of Christ, we’ve established a joyful learning environment to enhance the development of sound character and multiple intelligences among students.

Our goal is to nurture students in 6 areas:

virtues, intelligences, physical fitness, teamwork, aesthetics and spiritual growth


School motto:

“Show virtues and love the Lord. Study hard and nurture benevolence.”

We nurture good character and the love of God among our students.

Encourage them to study hard and love one another.


School features:

(1) A happy campus


We provide a joyful learning campus with low stress.  Learning takes place in the morning and activities are scheduled in the afternoon.  Adopting the model of learning through activities, we focus on inspiration, fun and interaction.  Using various games and activities, we help students acquire knowledge through joyful learning. 


The amount of homework assigned is reasonable.  There is a self-study period every day for students to finish their homework assignments at school.  This helps to reduce homework stress.  Students will have a balanced development of academics and activities, with the space for extracurricular reading  or developing personal interests.


There are 3 assessments every year.  No Chinese or English dictation in P.1.

(2) A caring campus

Our school practices “nurturing the young with love”, the educational philosophy of Dr. Angela Luk and promotes “education with 5 hearts”.  Our teachers are educators with a loving heart, caring, patient, true and childlike.  We use words of praise and encouragement to guide students to do the right thing.  Let them bravely try and actively learn.  Nurture them to be humble, responsible and thankful.

Students feel that they are loved and respected.  In turn, they learn to treat others with love.  At school, each class has 2 head teachers, with a caring group and a junior teacher plan for the comprehensive care of all students.  In a campus filled with care and love, our students get along among themselves and with teachers.


(3) An art campus


We strongly believe that an art education can help students develop their potential, improve confidence and learning motivation. It will also enhance morals and learning performance.


Since our school was founded, we have actively promoted diverse art activities to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their lives through art.

In addition to music, visual arts and PE subjects, we have employed full-time drama teachers and added drama to our regular curriculum.  Through drama, we hope to enhance students’ confidence and ability to express themselves.  Using interactive lessons, we enhance creativity and team spirit among students.  For upper primary students, we have added pottery, sculpture and seal engraving classes, taught by experienced artists.


In addition, we have added fencing lessons and school based martial arts classes, with the aim to promote sports among students.  We have also arranged over 50 interest classes in sports, arts and art related activities.  Student will feel the joy through exposure to art and develop their potential.  In conjunction with the annual “Talent show”, every student

will have a chance to  step on stage and show their artistic talents.


(4) A science & technology campus


In this age of science & technology, we have actively equipped our students through STEM and coding classes.  Using a mix of online and offline teaching models, we inspire students’ interest and understanding of science, technology and engineering.

We stimulate students’ creativity, spirit of exploration, collaboration and problem- solving ability, teaching them related information and media literacy. 


Through  activities and competitions outside school, students observe and learn to grasp the latest tech developments and become fluent in information technology.


(5) A healthy campus


We promote healthy eating at school.  Our dedicated staff prepare nutritious lunches. Teachers join students for lunch and help them cultivate good eating habits. Through religious lessons and related activities, students receive sufficient spiritual guidance.  At school, we organize lunch meetings, life education classes, etc. to help students form the right values.  Every day, our teachers and students do morning exercises and sport activities during recesses.  We hold a water sports meet, land games and other PE activities annually.  This helps students develop a strong physique, nurture perseverance and team spirit.  Our goal is to nurture students physically, mentally and spiritually.