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“ Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” – Noela Evans

I enjoy teaching because it is dynamic and reflective. It involves plenty of reciprocal interactions that allow me to share knowledge with my students and also learn from their brilliant ideas! Getting along with children is fruitful as it makes me feel lively and youthful when I listen to their innocent and imaginative thoughts.

Nowadays there are numerous challenges during pandemic, I have been reevaluating my educational philosophy with regards to rapid changes of teaching and learning approaches. I realized it is crucial to teach children how to overcome challenges and adjust their learning routines particularly over the past few years. As educators it is our honourable mission to nurture children to be active inquirers, critical thinkers, efficient communicators and caring leaders so that they are capable of embracing hardship in 21st century. It is also vital to guide children to develop sufficient capacity to be resilient when they encounter learning difficulties.

I believe every child has unique learner profiles, teachers need to create and provide children with appropriate materials and exciting activities that suit their learning needs and styles. Learning is of concern in view of the variables we have been facing up to. Therefore, reviewing children’s learning has become more significant than ever in recent school terms. It is a process of contemplating and replenishing my teaching strategies in order to find out what I have to improve and come up with more possible ways to help children in their learning. It has been my pleasure to work at Chan’s Creative School. I hope I can continue to outgrow myself and contribute more of my teaching skills to the school so as to inspire others.