About CCS>Chronology of events at Chan’s Creative School




  • Chan’s Creative School (CCS) was founded by Dr. Chan Lai Ling, MBE, of the Chan’s education foundation. Dr. Angela Luk BBS was invited to be our supervisor and Ms. Mok Fung Yee, MH, JP as the first principal.
  • Initially the school facilities occupied the whole 3rd floor of the old wing. P1 had 3 classes.  We also started a P2 class upon request by parents. There were about 100 students in the whole school.
  • Concurrently, the new wing was quickly built.
  • We held the 1st session of a talent show for all students.


  • We moved into the new school facilities in the fall.
  • The old wing, renamed the “art building”, was used for after school activities.


  • The first batch of graduates totaled 14 students.  We held the first graduation ceremony in the school hall.
  • Our school, champion of robotics games (primary school section), represented HK in the International Robot Olympiad in Korea.


  • The Parent teacher association (PTA) was set up, with Mr. TS Lau as chairman.


  • “Exploring London at CCS”, a major school event that welcomed many guests


  • CCS was invited to represent HK and participate in the “Shanghai International Youth Arts Festival” for 8 days.  About 200 teachers, parents and students joined this trip. We were awarded the Soong Ching Ling prize & 1st prize.
  • 36 students joined our teachers for a trip, lasting three days and two nights:“Experience modern history – visit to Dongguan”


  • Open Day & Carnival for our 10th Anniversary
  • 1st sports day at Sham Shui Po playground
  • Started “Love our community” visiting service program
  • “Experience modern history – visit to Guangzhou”


  • Started school-based curriculum:  adventure learning camp
  • 50 students joined teachers in a 6 days, 5 nights trip: “parent-child music & arts study tour at Shanghai Normal University”
  • 36 students joined teachers in a 3 days, 2 nights trip:“Experience modern history – visit to Zhongshan, Zhuhai”


  •   CCS was awarded the silver medal in the outstanding arts school category by the HK Arts Development Council
  • 1st water sports day held in Morse Park Swimming Pool, Wong Tai Sin
  • 30 students joined teachers in a “London study tour” for 14 days
  • 40 students joined teachers in a “Vienna summer music study tour” for 10 days
  • 36 students joined teachers in 5 days, 4 nights trip:“Experience modern history – visit to Beijing”
  • 36 students joined teachers in a 3 days, 2 nights trip:“Experience modern history – visit to Foshan”


  • 20 students joined teachers in a “London study tour” for 14 days
  • 36 students joined teachers in 3 days, 2 nights trip:“Experience modern history – visit to Kaipeng, Xinhui and Jiangmen”


  • 20 students joined teachers in a “London study tour” for 14 days


  • 15th Anniversary celebrations
  • Started “P4 pottery arts curriculum” together with artist in residence


  • Started “P5 sculpture arts curriculum” together with artist in residence


  • Participated in “China HK Intangible cultural heritage exhibition”, with seal engraving as theme.  Received “Best content award”, “Excellent report award” and “Excellent team award”.


  • Ms. Mok Fung Yee, our founding principal, retired honorably. 
  • Ms. Chan Mei Ngan took over as principal.All classrooms were repainted.


  • Started first 3-year plan
  • Designed school self-evaluation system
  • Added new cupboard for holding trophies


  • 20th Anniversary celebrations
  • Started interdisciplinary theme learning activities


  • Started e-learning
  • Started STEM curriculum
  • Started teaching Chinese classics: “Disciple rules”
  • Added new cupboard for holding trophies
  • Procured over 70 iPads and 2 iPad car kits
  • Set up wi-fi system for the whole school; changed all students’ desks and chairs
  • Changed and updated kitchen equipment, including 2 large steam cupboards, 3    large electric cookers and waste-disposal unit
  • Added school cleaning equipment, including dust & water vacuum and wax machine
  • Changed school’s outside board painting
  • Awarded environmental funds for acquiring kinetic bike & waste-disposal unit
  • Promoted school-based English curriculum, designed school-based English     
  • learning booklet
  • Employed English teaching consultant
  • Set up string orchestra
  • Continued with learning abroad programs:  culture & arts trip to Foshan
  • Works on character engraving by our students and parents exhibited in the HK   
  • Cultural Centre


  • Started coding curriculum
  • Setup “E-class” admin system, issued electronic instead of paper notices
  • Campus renovation: renovated school office, principal’s office & lift lobby, new cupboard for trophies
  • Built new fishpond, designed by students in pottery arts group
  • Learning abroad program:  Beijing, pottery culture & arts in Foshan
  • Joined the “Love seeking green, creative environmental practices project” at HK Education University
  • Our teachers and students joined in beautifying school’s outer wall; a creative community art project organized by “HK Church Network for the Poor” &  professional artists


  • Used the e-learning platform for learning in higher grades
  • Added facilities for STEM education:  35 Mbot, 3D printer & e-learning platform
  • Renovated classrooms on 1st and 2nd floors
  • Received bronze award from HK Healthy School Award Scheme, CUHK
  • Joined the “Spine-protecting campus” program organized by the Child   
  • Chiropractic Fund,
  • CCS confirmed as spine-protecting campus
  • Started “P6 seal cutting courses” with artist-in-residence
  • Contracted with Dunhuang South Street Primary as sister school


  • 25th Anniversary celebrations
  • Received funding from Quality Education Fund to start creative writing
  • workshop for P4 and P5
  • Renovated classrooms on 3rd to 6th floors
  • Exchange visit with Dunhuang South Street Primary School
  • Study abroad activities:  Xian Dunhuang history & culture trip, Taipei environmental protection exploration, Japan cultural exchange


  • With class suspension because of the Covid epidemic, we promoted comprehensive online learning, including online lessons and assignments
  • “P1 new students briefing” was uploaded as a short video onto school website for parents’ browsing
  • “Meeting P1 new parents” was held through video conferences


  • Whole school used Teams online platform for online and offline teaching
  • Added Apple TV facilities to all classrooms and hall
  • Renovated restrooms on the 1st to 6th floor, added artistic elements
  • During epidemic, started over 20 online afterschool interest classes
  • Invited professional coaches to start school-based fencing classes
  • 25th anniversary wall decoration with pottery, themed “Jesus loves children”
  • Published “25th Anniversary commemorative special issue”
  • Published “show your artistic talent” painting album, “Xian, Dunhuang cultural trip” journal, “Dream” students’ writing collection
  • Participated in “Great Bay area students “carbon neutral” works”, received outstanding award in primary school model group category
  • Fully updated school website
  • Started school page on social media (Facebook, Instagram) to share school information
  • Mr. Ng Nok Wan, member of HK fencing team, visited alma mater.