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Mr. Sam

Hi! My name is Mr. Sam, and I’m a Native English Teacher from a small city called Newcastle in England. It’s very different from Hong Kong, apart from the constant rain!

I’ve lived here in Hong Kong for four years, and I’m so very excited to be working at CCS and starting face-to-face classes again, especially after such a long period of only video classes!

My teaching philosophy revolves around the concept of the individuality of each student, and that different teaching approaches must be implemented to ensure that each student in my classes is given the best opportunity to learn. Encompassing all of this, I believe that students will always learn at the fastest rate when they are enjoying themselves in a class, and that’s why I strive to create the most positive working environment possible. I attain this by ensuring that each class contains fun and engaging activities, as well as games and quizzes. I firmly believe that the most interactive lessons are the most helpful to a student’s progress, as they will give students of all levels the opportunity to answer my questions, as well as ensure that they are following the flow of each lesson.

Further to this, I am very keen to ensure that all students know they can contact me should they have any issues with their English work, whether given to them by me or another teacher, and I’d be delighted to help should they be struggling. I’m very excited to get to know each student and look forward to meeting you soon!